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    Protect Your Home from Water Damage

    Water damage can be absolutely devastating, especially if the damage isn’t detected right away. It’s important to act quickly if your dishwasher hose leaks or the sump pump fails during a thunderstorm, but if you’re sleeping or out of town, you may not know about the leak for hours, or even days. Continue

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    Home Security 101 with a Local Security Expert

    There are a lot of misconceptions about home security. Chris helps sort through what is a myth, what you could be missing, and ultimately, what will keep your home and family safe. Continue

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    Create a Backyard Retreat for All 4 Seasons

    Let’s face it: spending time outdoors year-round is nearly impossible in the Midwest, with our hot, humid summers and brutally-cold winters. However, it’s still possible to construct a backyard paradise that will endure throughout all four seasons! Continue

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    Weekend Getaway — Omaha, NE

    The word “Omaha” means “those going against the wind or current” — and the experiences you’ll have in this weekend getaway on the Nebraska-Iowa state line will live up to that name! Continue

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    Prepare Your Home for Fall

    Before the temperature starts dropping, you’ll want to make sure you do these four things to get your house ready for fall! Continue

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    Create Your Own At-Home Personal Spa

    You don’t have to shell out the big bucks at a luxury spa to Zen out. Use these tips to create your own personal spa — right at home! Continue

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    Stay Organized, Post-Move

    You’ve bought your dream home! Unfortunately, the work isn’t over once you leave the closing table. Moving is a delicate process that requires high levels of organization at every touchpoint — and unpacking is no exception! Instead of unpacking the first box off the truck, devise a plan to keep your de-boxing organized from the get-go. Continue

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    Fall Moving Tips

    Fall is an excellent time to move-in to your new home! The weather is crisp and (usually) dry, you still have a good amount of sunlight, and you can stop for your favorite fall beverages on all those trips back and forth between your old house and your new house! Our friends at Zaarly asked their movers for tips to make your fall move a successful one. Continue

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    Enjoy Fall at the Local Pumpkin Patch

    Fall is in the air and if you’re looking to venture out to pick your own pumpkins or apples, there are plenty of places to choose from! Here’s a list to get you started. Continue

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    10 Ways to Hit the Refresh Button in the New Year

    Many people make a new year’s resolution to get healthy, but most don’t know where to start. To be healthy, you can’t just focus on diet or exercise, you have to keep the whole person in mind. The idea? Small changes can lead to big shifts in your life. Continue