7 Ways to Style Your Front Door | Stacey R. Johnson-Cosby

7 Ways to Style Your Front Door

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front door with pumpkins and mums

The front door of your home is essentially an extension of your individual style. Here are some fun ways to style your front door no matter the season!

If you have a fireplace, placing stacked wood outside can be a nice, decorative touch. It’ll look especially pretty, paired with an evergreen wreath and pinecones!

Consider painting your front door in a bright hue to create contrast with the rest of your house and add a focal point.

If you have a porch, hanging string lights can create a warm space.

A porch is also a natural space for adding furniture but consider adding a bench with pillows or a porch swing, even if you don’t have a porch.

Look inside your house for inspiration. Before shopping for décor, look to see what you already have handy! You may use baskets as planters or even a small stool as a plant stand.

Draw attention to your doorbell. You can make it a design feature by adding a doorbell plate for some extra personality.

Create symmetry. Symmetrical composition is naturally pleasing to the eye, so if you have room for one planter, get a second one to flank the other side of your door.